Forest Carbon Budget Model


FORCARB2, an updated version of the U.S. FORest CARBon Budget Model (FORCARB), produces estimates of carbon stocks and stock changes for forest ecosystems and forest products at 5-year intervals


FORCARB2: An Updated Version of the U.S. Forest Ca


FORCARB2 - 5101
M&R Carbon Seq. with Joyce #1 Climate (Climate + CO2 fert)
FORCARB2 - 5102
M&R Carbon Seq. with Joyce #2 Climate (Climate w/o CO2 fert)
FORCARB2 - Afforestation
Moulton and Richards, aka Carbon Sequestration (6 million acres planted)
FORCARB2 - CO2 Fertilization
Joyce 01 Climate, plus CO2 fertilization takes place
FORCARB2 - No CO2 Fertilization
Joyce 02 Climate, and no CO2 fert occurs